The people behind StormForger

Sebastian Cohnen, CEO & CTO

Sebastian Cohnen

Co-Founder & CTO

I love to design and build high performance, scalable architectures. Furthermore I like NoSQL databases, Club Mate and all my Apple gadgets. Being thrilled by all kinds of web technology I'm always seeking for interesting new stuff.

We can talk in German, English, Ruby, Erlang, Elixir and JavaScript.

At StormForger, I'm your Chief Load Tester and API Tormentor.

Lars Wolff, CEO & CPO

Lars Wolff

Co-Founder & CEO

I love to do consulting, workflow, process & change management, so I like communication and solving problems on the business, product and engineering side. I'm highly interested in scalable high performance architectures, engineering & agile development, digital products, Linux, databases and music.

We can talk in German, English, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP.

At StormForger I'm your Product Manager, Agile Coach, Solution Consultant and Developer at heart.

Denise Schynol, Development

Denise Schynol

Web Developement & Communication

I love Ruby on Rails, nerd stuff, music, and crafting. I am a Rails Girl, put everything in lists to rule the chaos, and sometimes find solutions as your personal MacGyver (nothing is static, forget your Post-its, improvisation is all).

We can talk in German, English, low-level French and a tiny bit of Icelandic, Ruby, HTML5 and CSS.

At StormForger, I’m your friendly web developer and chief communications officer.

Dirk Breuer, Solutions Engineer

Dirk Breuer

Solutions Engineer

I love cloud-based web architectures, software development and I have a strong focus on automation and testing. Finding elegant and practical solutions for customers is my mission.

We can talk in German, English, Ruby and JavaScript.

At StormForger, I’m your guy for software architectures and the cloud.

Frank Münchmeyer, Development

Frank Münchmeyer

Web Developement

I love to build software, think about software architecture, getting things done, use new technologies, product management, playing/creating videogames and Schnitzel.

We can talk in German, English, Gaeilge (not really), Ruby, PHP, JavaScript and Objective-C.

At StormForger I'm the senior vice president of Schnitzel!

Sebastian Hammerschmidt, Marketing

Sebastian Hammerschmidt

PR & Marketing

I love to do workflow and process management, regarding organization as a system. I’m strongly interested in the interconnection between management techniques and aesthetics, arts and political theory. Last but not least I’m into cats, music and fashion.

We can talk in German and English.

At StormForger I'm your guy for PR and marketing.