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Talks and presentions by StormForger, and events we showed up.

e-Commerce Day 2019

The e-Commerce Day 2019 made by is a gathering of online traders, producers, industry insiders and everyone who is interested in the latest trends in the e-commerce sector. It is hosted by / and welcomes yearly 1.800 visitors.

Banner e-Commerce Day Cologne 2019

This year, we will have a booth at the Start-up Village. Visit Lars Wolff and Matthias Pons and have a chat on how many transactions per hour you can process or how you maximize the success of your digital strategy campaign.

If you can't be with us at the e-Commerce Day in Cologne request a demo to get in touch with us.

Create repeatable Performance & Load Tests easily using our JavaScript DSL to verify your HTTP APIs. StormForger enables you to do continuous performance testing to make the web a faster place.

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