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"Last- und Performancetests in der Cloud" (Talk) & Expert @ Developer Week 2017, Nürnberg

On June 26th Sebastian Cohnen attended the "Ask the expert" event of Developer Week Nürnberg.

Besides that he was interviewed at Nighthacking Interviews @Developer Week:

The next day he gave a talk about load and performance testing in the cloud.

Urs Enzler‏ (@ursenzler) made this awesome sketchnote of the talk. Thanks once again!

Sketchnote from @ursenzler about performance testing in the cloud from Sebastian Cohnen

If you like to gain deeper insights have a look at the corresponding blog article Why Load & Performance Testing in the Cloud?!

Here are the slides Sebastian used for his talk:

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    duration: 5 * 60,  // 5min in seconds
    rate: 1.0,         // clients per seconds to launch

definition.session("hello world", function(session) {
  session.get("/", { tag: "root" });

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