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StormForger is your AWS Advanced Technology Partner

StormForger empowers DevOps and agile organizations to embrace automated and continuous performance testing of their AWS hosted applications to comply to the AWS Well-Architected Framework (Performance Efficiency Pillar).

StormForger and AWS live a strong relationship since 2014 and support DevOps and agile organizations in tackling continuous performance testing to understand the behavior of their setups especially under a specific amount of traffic. Performance testing helps to explore the whole power of the AWS cloud infrastructure by learning about a distributed system’s behavior and improving it. With our SaaS customers are able to identify, quantify and solve performance issues on a regular basis.

Create, manage and run large scale load and performance tests continuously in real time. Explore the behavior of your API and web application. Investigate potential issues and focus on reliability and scalability. Automate and integrate performance testing in your agile and DevOps workflows to get insights regularly. Gain experience in how to scale as much as needed, have better control on costs, and feel secure in the usage of the AWS ecosystem.

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AWS Community

  • We organize the monthly AWS User Group Cologne.
  • Furthermore we are co-organizers of the AWS Community Days and Lars Wolff is member of the program committee.
AWS User Group Cologne

Better together with AWS and StormForger

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AWS APN Avanced Technology Partner
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AWS APN Avanced Technology Partner
AWS APN Avanced Technology Partner