19. Sept 2019

Vanilla Kubernetes and OpenShift PaaS on AWS

A Kubernetes Special at the AWS User Group Cologne

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AWS User Group Cologne

With a special on Kubernetes.

Vanilla Kubernetes on AWS

Abstract soon...

Timo Derstappen

Timo Derstappen, @teemow

CTO – Giant Swarm

Timo Derstappen is the CTO and Co-Founder of Giant Swarm. Besides managing and scaling distributed services for the past 15 years he is prepared to move off-the-grid as soon as the time is right.


OpenShift PaaS on AWS

OpenShift on AWS: Why we chosed it, what we've learned and what we would choose today.

Stefan Schweer

Stefan Schweer

Principal Technical Lead - Mindcurv

Stefan Schweer works as principal technical lead for cloud infrastructure at mindcurv. He is passionate about automation, monitoring and open source.

David Sterz

David Sterz @mindcurv_david

Solutions Architect - Mindcurv

David Sterz is an Solutions Architect at Mindcurv with a focus on IoT Projects - his background is Software Engineering and System Architecture - he loves technology and is fascinated about global Infrastructures but also Kubernetes as a Platform and it's ecosystem.


RSVP @ Meetup.com
(Registration ONLY via meetup.com)
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