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Discover the five design principles for performance efficiency in the cloud

High Availability & Performance. Effective Resource Usage. Low Cost.
  1. Learn about the performance efficiency pilar described in the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  2. Get advices for each design principle
  3. Gain performance insights
  4. Minimize resource consumption
  5. Understand the behavior of your system under load
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Create repeatable Performance & Load Tests easily using our JavaScript DSL to verify your HTTP APIs. StormForger enables you to do continuous performance testing to make the web a faster place.

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    duration: 5 * 60,  // 5min in seconds
    rate: 1.0,         // clients per seconds to launch

definition.session("hello world", function(session) {
  session.get("/", { tag: "root" });

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AWS APN Avanced Technology Partner