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Automating Continuous Load and Performance Testing


  • With StormForger, server outages can be prevented
  • By testing different scenarios, teams go beyond finding bugs and understand the behavior of a system in production ahead of time
  • Teams gain confidence by testing changes, new architectures or hardware before they go live
  • By using StormForger as an integral part of the Software Development Lifecycle, a smooth product development can be ensured
  • Continuously analysing test results leads to a steady performance improvement
  • StormForger gives the development team the confidence needed to produce a high performing system

First, we used StormForger to prevent and detect performance issues. Over time, it evolved to the right tool for us to validate modification in architecture or infrastructure before every major change. StormForger is a great help to guarantee high-quality delivery to the users.

portrait client Cynthia Dematteis-Krug Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Shop Apotheke Service GmbH

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AWS APN Avanced Technology Partner