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Coming up: A whole week on performance and infrastructure in Barcelona, Spain - we are in!

One Week Performance and Infrastructure with O'REILLY Velocity, WebPerformanceDays and NoSQL Matters in Barcelona!

From November 17th to November 22nd the conferences O'REILLY® Velocity EU 2014, WebPerfDays and NoSQL Matters will take place in Barcelona, Spain.

In the week starting on November 17th 2014 the O’REILLY® Velocity EU 2014 takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Sebastian (@tisba) and me (@larsvegas) are looking forward to attending this conference. I’ve been at O’REILLY® Velocity EU in London back in 2010 and really loved the conference. I am curious how it will be this time.

On Thursday, November 20th 2014 the WebPerfDays follow as the next event. WebPerfDays, for those who have never heard about it, is an unconference for the Web Performance Community. Sebastian will do an ignite talk on "Load Testing with over 1.000.000 Users", while I will do an ignite talk on "Continuous Performance and Load Testing". I will offer an open space session on this topic as well. Come and join us!

Concluding the week of conferences with trainings and talks on NoSQL is the NoSQL Matters on Friday and Saturday. Sebastian will be giving a talk on how to build a startup with NoSQL where he will give you some insight on how we at StormForger are using NoSQL technology and how you can too!

Let’s have a good time - drop us a line or give us a shot on twitter: @tisba or @larsvegas

See you around! :)

Create repeatable Performance & Load Tests easily using our JavaScript DSL to verify your HTTP APIs. StormForger enables you to do continuous performance testing to make the web a faster place.

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    duration: 5 * 60,  // 5min in seconds
    rate: 1.0,         // clients per seconds to launch

definition.session("hello world", function(session) {
  session.get("/", { tag: "root" });

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