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Load Testing an interactive TV Show with over 1 Million Users

On May 12th the new and innovative show Quizduell im Ersten started on German national television (ARD). The show is an adaption of the very popular mobile game Quizduell which has a user-based of over 30 million users, so the TV show was expected to be very popular.

I had previously blogged about the specific challenges faced when load testing such an application. This blog prompted the makers of Quizduell im Ersten to approach me to assist in dealing with the specific problems. This post is a summary and translation of both articles.

I was approached by grandcentrix as an external load testing service provider. Grandcentrix published a German FAQ (translation) on their company blog about what the challenges were and what went wrong. Most information in this article is based on these FAQs. Please note, that for obvious reasons, I'm not allowed to explicitly mention any specific detail. Suffice to say they were pleased with the results.

Quizduell im Lasttest

Dear English reader, I'll translate this post later take a look at the translated post. tl;dr: I had the opportunity to load test the API backend for a big German TV show („Quizduell im Ersten“) by simulating up to 1 million users.

Nach dem Start des Quizduell im Ersten mit einigen Pannen, wurde ich als externer Lasttester von grandcentrix angefragt. Mittlerweile hat grandcentrix auf dem Unternehmensblog ein FAQ veröffentlicht, in dem vor allem technische Fragen angesprochen und erklärt werden. Die meisten Informationen in diesem Beitrag stammen aus diesen FAQs. Ich bitte um Verständnis, dass ich keine weiteren Details kommunizieren kann.

Quizduell, Last und Testing

Dear English reader. This post is about an event happened yesterday evening. tl;dr: A new interactive TV show had technical issues sustaining the load.

Das Quizduell (eine Adaption von der Quizduell App) mit Jörg Pilawa startete mit technischen Pannen und es folgte stundenlange Häme auf Twitter und Facebook. Die Online-Ausgaben diverser Medien berichteten teilweise noch während des Geschehens.