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2nd Screen Mobile App: Backend API Load Testing

Having had the opportunity to support the grandcentrix team in May to help Quizduell im Ersten, I was happy to once again be called to assess another interactive TV show with a 2nd screen app.

RTL interactive For RTL interactive I tested a sophisticated backend for an upcoming casting show. The backend was accessed through their RTL Inside app (iTunes Store, Google play). This opportunity presented me with a very interesting scenario and in this post I would like to outline how their system was designed and how I was able to test the performance and scalability of the architecture.

Getting Started with Time Series Data

NoSQL Matters Dublin 2014 NoSQL Matters Dublin 2014   ⋅   © Dr. Celler Cologne Lectures GmbH & Co. KG

Last week I gave a talk at NoSQL Matters Dublin 2014 on "Getting Started with Time Series Data".

In this presentation I gave a quick introduction into time series data and databases. In particular I presented InfluxDB's Query Language and how you can organize, down-sample and aggregate data when it arrives at InfluxDB using their Continuous Query feature. You can find the slides over at Speaker Deck or embedded at the end of this post.