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Types of Performance Testing


The second part of our blog posting series shows an overview on the different types of performance testing. Learn more about load testing, scalability testing, stress, spike and soak testing, configuration testing as well as availability and resilience testing. The article is based upon a talk I gave at the AWS PopUp Loft, DevOpsCon 2016 and other occasions.

Why Load & Performance Testing in the Cloud?


At the AWS PopUp Loft in Berlin I gave a talk on why load and performance testing is still (or especially) relevant in the era of cloud infrastructure. I expanded the talk for AWS Summit Berlin 2016 and again at DevOpsCon 2016. Here in our blog you will find it in three crunchy bites, beginning with performance and scalability and the importance of performance testing in the cloud era. I will give an overview on the different types of testing and explain the differences between pre and post cloud times.

Performance Testing an E-commerce Platform

Galeria Kaufhof In June 2015 our customer GALERIA Kaufhof relaunched
their E-commerce platform

Several teams worked for about a year on this greenfields project aimed at building a new foundation for their customer shopping experience.

Prior to the official relaunch we conducted comprehensive performance and load tests for quality assurance, configuration testing and capacity planning.