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AWS Fargate Network Performance

AWS Fargate network Performance

AWS Fargate is Amazons solution to run containers without managing servers or clusters. For many aspects AWS Fargate is similar to AWS Elastic Container Service but without having to deal with EC2 clusters. It is basically "server-less containers".

Let's take a first look at AWS Fargate's network performance!

TLDR; Sustained network throughput is very stable, but not symmetric and does not really grow with assigned container resources.

Determine Your Performance Impact by Meltdown & Spectre

Meltdown & Spectre

Major security related issues were disclosed just a few days ago affecting CPUs across all vendors and architectures, including Intel and AMD. These vulnerabilities have become known as Meltdown and Spectre and are very severe.

Mitigations have been released for many systems and environment, but you should check if you are fully patched up before continue reading this article! The problem effects all systems, regardless of virtualization or not.

Types of Performance Testing


The second part of our blog posting series shows an overview on the different types of performance testing. Learn more about load testing, scalability testing, stress, spike and soak testing, configuration testing as well as availability and resilience testing. The article is based upon a talk I gave at the AWS PopUp Loft, DevOpsCon 2016 and other occasions.


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