Performance Testing for Agile and DevOps Teams

Create load tests in just 3 minutes and learn about the behavior of your app!

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Create a load test using our JavaScript DSL

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Run a load test on scalable infrastructure in the cloud with a click

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Analyze performance bottlenecks, configuration and scalability issues

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Verify your optimizations by re-running your load tests - Load testing as a Service

What we got for you

Feature 1

Expressive JavaScript DSL

Create repeatable performance & load tests easily using our JavaScript DSL.

Feature 2

Cloud-based & Scalable

We utilize cloud providers to generate the requested load. This offers us to scale from tens to hundreds of thousands requests per second.

Feature 3

Extensive Reporting & Analysis

We squeeze every bit of information out of detailed measurements taken during your test run and offer extensive reporting.

You're in good company


We were actually quite relaxed during the show premiere. Everything worked flawlessly and our complex workflows performed pretty well. Sebastian provided a great deal of help with his professional guidance and the extensive load tests!

portrait rtl JÉRÔME PATT Project Manager RTL Interactive GmbH


We used different open source and commercial tools to conduct performance and load tests. After creating reference tests we decided StormForger would be the right tool for the job. Performance analysisisa tool decision.

portrait rtl MANUEL KIESSLING EShop Systeme Galeria Kaufhof GmbH


For the German interactive TV Show Quizduell im Ersten, we reached out to Sebastian Cohnen after the show started with some issues. Working closely together, we conducted large scale performance tests, to assess the ability of our system to withstand the anticipated load of 1 million users.

portrait rtl RALF ROTTMANN Managing Partner Grandcentrix GmbH

  • Create a test case easily and focus on your application and spend less time on specifying tests.
  • Run load tests with a simple click.
    You build it, we test it.
  • Inspect detailed test reports and learn in depth about your application and environment.

    duration: 5 * 60,  // 5min in seconds
    rate: 1.0,         // clients per seconds to launch

definition.session("hello world", function(session) {
  session.get("/", { tag: "root" });
  • Performance and quality have business critical impact. Get deep insights into your product’s non-functional behavior.
  • Extensive reports show your current state. Perform regular tests to reveal changes over time. Make informed decision based on data.
  • Your team should focus on providing valuable features. Empower them to conduct performance tests as simple as possible.
Extensive Reporting